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The Darlington Volunteer Fire Company is located in Harford County Maryland and provides Fire, Rescue, and EMS services to the Towns of Darlington, Street, Dublin, and provides Mutual Aide to the counties of Harford, and Cecil in Maryland, and York, and Lancaster Counties in Pennslyvania. The Darlington Volunteer Fire Company operates 3 Chiefs Vehicles, 3 1000 Gallon Pumpers, 1 Brush Unit, 1 Air Cascade Unit, 3 Utility vehicles (one Cafs Equiped, 1 ALS Equipped) and two ALS Equipped Ambulances.

Recent Calls


First Call of 2009
The first fire call for 2009 was a brush fire on Ady Road on 1/1/2009. So far this year there have been no ems calls. We would like to thank the community for all their support in 2008 and for their continued support into 2009. We hope that everyone had a safe and merry holiday season.
Msp Trooper 2

Early this morning (9/29/08) four people were killed in a horrific helicopter accident involving Maryland State Plice Helicopter Trooper 2 based in Washington. Trooper 2 was transporting 2 patients from a motor Vehicle Accident in southern Maryland and started to have technical difficulties, and then crashed into a patch of dense woods near Andrews Air Force Base. The Pilot, The Flight Medic, One EMS provider from the Waldorf area and one patient were killed in the Crash. One patient onboard the helicopter did survive and is in Shock Trauma for injuries sustained in both incidents. Our hearts and prayers go out the the victims families and the providers families, and to the Maryland State Police. Also our prayers go out to the surviving patient to make a full recovery. This is the first Aviation related incident in 20 years for MSP.

Working Fire in the 925 Box

At 15:13 hrs on 09/05/08 the Darlington, Whiteford, Bel Air, Delta Cardiff, and Level Volunteer Fire Companies were alerted for a Building Fire at 3905 Paddrick Rd in the 925 Box area. Chief 9-1 was enroute at 15:13 hrs and was advised of a barn Fire at location. As units were responding dispatch advised Chief 9-1 of callers advising multiple explosions at location. Chief 9-1 arrived at 15:19 hrs with a approx. 30X30 barn fully involved. E-911 arrived at 15:22 hrs and deployed the 2" attack line to extinguish the fire. E-913 arrived to lay supply line up the driveway to supply the Fire. E-912 arrived to pickup the supply line at the end of the lane. T-331 was then placed inservice, while Squad 151 responded to Co.9 house 2 to set up a draft to supply water for an engine shuttle. The fire was reported knocked at 15:34 Hrs with units starting overhaul operations. Command then requested the FM and units continued to overhaul the scene. Units were on location for approx 3 hours. All units were then placed inservice.

Units On Scene in Order: Ch. 9-1, E-911, E-913, E-912, E-612, E-611,S-151, E-57-3 , E-113, IV-991, A-961, FM 48, TW-331 (placed inservice before arrival)

Chief 9-1 Held the "Paddrick Rd" command

New Dublin Firehouse Progress

(09/02/08) Today the house and garage wich was standing on the site of the new Dublin Station was Demolished. Thanks to Crouse Construction for doing the work.

Single Vehicle 10-50

On Saturday afternoon Co. 9 was alerted for a 10-50 PI in the area of Forge Hill rd. and Trappe rd. C-92 arrived to find one vehicle up on the guardrail with a pri. 3 patient already out of the vehicle. E-913 arrived and started patient care while the rest of the crew controlled hazards. The patient was transported to a local ER.


Units: E-913, U-971, IV-992, Chiefs 91 and 92

Command: Chief 92

Rescue At the Conowingo Dam

As the rain in the area dicipated the members of the DVFC and CC Sta. 7 (Water Witch) were alerted for a motor vehicle assident at the Conowingo Dam. As units were responding dispatch advised a trauma arrest at location. A-961 arrived with Chief 1-2 advising no arrest, and went straight to work on patient care. E-913 and the ambulances arrived to assist units on location, and the decision was made to remove the drivers side rear door and the B post to remove the patient utilizing E-913's Hurst Combi tool and "O" cutter. The patient was removed and taken to A-992 to be taken by land to a local Trauma Center The driver of the other vehicle was transported by A-991 to a local Hospital.

Units on scene in order: A-961, E-913, A-991, A-992, CCP-1, CCDC-7

Chief 9-1 Held the Conowingo Rd Command

Truck Fire at the Lanfill

At around 1715hrs co. 9 and surrounding companies were alerted for an alarm of fire in the area of the Scarboro Landfill, E-911 and C-9 arrived at the same time with a working truck in the landfill. After gaining access to the landfill the crew from E-911 made the knock with the 150' front bumper line and two dry chemical extinguishers (due to a significant fuel fire). After the arrival of utility 971 the CAFS system was placed in service to finish up the extinuishment. Units remained on scene to wait for HAZ-MAT crews to pump off the reamaining fuel.


Units on scene:E-911, E-913, U-971, E-912, E-612, YC-E-57-4, Chiefs 9 and 6. Harford county Hazardous Materials team

Chief 9 held the Scarboro Rd. Command

Field Fire in the 930 Box

(08/18/08) Today the volunteers were alerted for a field fire at 1211 Boyd Rd. in the 930 box area. chief 9 was enroute followed by E-911, and B-941 and was advised of a small fire. Chief 9 and E-911 arrived, and the chief advised E-911 to stage. Chief 9 investigated to find a small camp fire at location and advised 941 to proceed back the lane, and that E-911 could go available. E-911 cleared, and B-941 arrived to find a very small camp fire and was instructed to extinguish it. B-941 was then placed inservice on scene. 941 then cleared.

Units on scene in order, Chief 9, E-911, B-941

Chief 9 Held the Boyd Road Command.

Units Assist Annual Motorcycle Ride

Every year the DVFC assists with a traffic detail for a charity ride. Every year the route changes its path and this year it ended at Ramsy's Harly Davidson in our first due district directly across from house 1. This year E-911, E-912, E-913, U-972, and M-992 assisted the sheriffs office with traffic control at many intersections so the riders could stay together. The Officers and Members of the DVFC appreciate being given the oppurtunity to participate in this event every year.

Two Engines to Level For the Dwelling FIre

The volunteers were alerted to respond an engine to Assit Co. 1 (Level) on a dwelling fire at 213 Old Beau Ct in the 102 box area. E-912 responded with 4 Volunteers, and E-911 responded with 4+1. E-113 arrived with a two story wood frame dwelling with Fire through the roof. E-912 arrived and was instructed to pull a draft from the folding pond in the development off of K-121. E-912, and E-911's crew assisted crews at location with overhall and checking for extension. The crews also assisted Level with loading the supply line laid into the development. The Darlington crews were on location for approx. two hours, and then cleared. One firefighter from the Level Volunteer Fire Company was transported to upper chesapeake medical center for a laceration.

Images were obtained From the Level Volunteer Fire Company

Chief 1 held the Old Beau Ct. Command.

One Engine to Port Deposit
The volunteers were alerted for an engine to assist Water witch on a dwelling fire in the 703 box. E-911 responded with two to pickup two more personell at Co.9 house 1. E-911 made the response with 4 volunteers and were placed inservice just on the other side of the Conowingo Dam. E-911 then cleared.


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